Independent, employee-owned asset manager that partners with investors in long-term value creation.
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Jersey City
Jersey City

Creating Value for Our Clients Since 1983

Hudson Edge Investment Partners is an independent registered Investment Advisor located in Jersey City, New Jersey formerly known as HGK Asset Management. Founded in 1983, Hudson Edge is 100% employee-owned with portfolio managers averaging over 20 years of investment experience and 15 years of tenure with the firm.

Hudson Edge manages over $2.5 billion for more than 200 clients worldwide. The firm seeks to add value for clients by investing in undervalued securities in all of its investment disciplines.

Core Principles

  • Employee owned
  • Experienced professionals
  • Home grown investment team
  • Analytical, idea driven culture
  • Enduring client partnerships
  • Long term focus
From Dot-Com Boom to AI Revolution: Parallels and Predictions

From Dot-Com Boom to AI Revolution: Parallels and Predictions

From Dot-Com Boom to AI Revolution: Parallels and Predictions February 7, 2024 The internet's explosive emergence in the late 1990s mirrored the current excitement surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI). Back then, tech giants like Netscape, Amazon, Yahoo, and Cisco soared on the promise of a connected future. Today, Nvidia, Meta, Alphabet,

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HGK Asset Management is now Hudson Edge Investment Partners

HGK Asset Management Is Now Hudson Edge Investment Partners

HGK Asset Management, a New Jersey-based asset manager, is pleased to announce a new name for the firm—Hudson Edge Investment Partners

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Hudson Edge Celebrates 40 Years

Hudson Edge Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate the past four decades and are grateful to everyone that been a part of this journey including the founding members of the firm.

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