Our History

June 14
June 1
June 1

Michael Pendergast Becomes Chairman

HGK Asset Management, Inc. Logo

Jeffrey Harris retires and Michael Pendergast becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors

June 1

Trinity Street Asset Management, LLP

Trinity Street Asset Management Logo

For its part in helping to support the start-up, HGK receives a 9.9% equity stake in the company that will come to be known as Trinity Street Asset Management, LLP.

June 1

Employee Owned

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An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is formed to provide all employees with an equity stake in the company

June 1

HGK Asset Management, Inc

HGK Asset Management Inc Old Red Logo

Firm name is changed to HGK Asset Management, Inc

January 1

Since 1983

Founded as Harris Greenhouse Kutzel, Inc when the three founding partners roll out of LF Rothschild