International Equity

Hudson Edge Investment Partners’ International Equity strategies employ a bottom-up, fundamental research driven, and concentrated investment approach built on decades of global investing experience. A vast majority of the research for the International and Global strategies is created in house, based mainly from extensive company visits each year. The team typically invests in companies that are undergoing significant strategic transformations or in companies whose operational capabilities are undervalued by the market.

The portfolios are constructed on an index-agnostic basis, but with absolute limits on country and sector exposure. Securities are generally in the mid to large capitalization range in major markets and are roughly equal-weighted at inception of the position.

Trinity Street Asset Management, based in London, England provides sub-advisory services to Hudson Edge Investment Partners’ clients in managing their international and global equity portfolios.

International Equity

Market Cap Range Benchmark Number of Holdings Minimum Institutional Investments
Any Market
MSCI EAFE Index (net) 30 – 40 $1 million

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