HGK Asset Management announces corporate name change to Hudson Edge Investment Partners

No changes to firm leadership or ownership

September 1, 2023 — HGK Asset Management, a New Jersey-based asset manager, is pleased to announce a new name for the firm—Hudson Edge Investment Partners—effective August 31, 2023. The new name connects to the firm’s identity and evolution over its 40-year history, yet it signals no changes to its organizational structure, employee ownership or investment approach.

“The name ‘Hudson Edge Investment Partners’ reflects both our geography and the edge we seek as an institutional asset manager,” said Michael Pendergast, CEO and CIO, who has been part of the firm since its founding in 1983. “Behind the new branding is the exact same team providing the same service and investment solutions that clients have valued for years.”

Selecting the new name involved all employees. The team established early in the process that ‘Hudson’ should be central to the brand. Since the firm’s founding, its office has been within sight of the Hudson River, first in lower Manhattan and later in Jersey City. “As a tidal estuary, the Hudson reverses course with the tides, even as it empties water from two mountain ranges into the Atlantic,” said Pendergast. “Its complex flow is a perfect analogy for financial markets.”

The phrase ‘Investment Partners’ connotes the firm’s commitment to aligning its interests with those of its clients. “Many of our Taft-Hartley plan clients have been with us for decades,” said Pendergast. “We’ve continued to add Taft-Hartley plans as we’ve grown, as well as public pension plans. These institutional client-partners are the core of our business.”

40th Anniversary of Hudson Edge Investment Partners

The firm has also grown to serve a variety of intermediaries in addition to its institutional client base. Its investment strategies include value-focused U.S. equities, core bonds, and—in partnership with London-based Trinity Street Asset Management—international equities.

While the name change has no ramifications for clients, investors may continue to see the name HGK Asset Management on some investment platforms for a short time while systems update to the new name.

The firm’s new website is https://hudsonedgeip.com. Read more about the rebranding and the firm’s 40th anniversary milestone at https://hudsonedgeip.com/40th-anniversary.