40th Anniversary of Hudson Edge

Celebrating 40 Years of Partnership

On June 9th, 2023 Hudson Edge celebrated the company’s 40th Anniversary. We are proud to celebrate the past four decades and are grateful to everyone that has been a part of this journey including the founding members of the firm Michael Pendergast, Jeffrey Harris, Warren Greenhouse, Joseph Kutzel and Carol Bandille.

Now as we look forward to the future and many more successful years to come for our clients, we consider the things that have contributed to our clients’ successes and build on these to drive our vision of being a stalwart partner for our clients in meeting their long-term investment goals.

40th Anniversary of Hudson Edge Investment Partners

Our New Name: Hudson Edge Investment Partners

In this 40th anniversary year, we’ve changed our name from HGK Asset Management to Hudson Edge Investment Partners to better reflect who we are today. The new name connects to our heritage and the edge we seek to bring as an institutional asset manager. Every member of our team has been involved in the renaming process, which has been both long and fulfilling. The purpose of the name change is to reflect who we are now while embracing the firm’s heritage. Our original office was in lower Manhattan, at the edge of the Hudson River. We’re still along that edge, now in Jersey City and Hudson County.

Great Waters In Constant Motion

The Hudson was called ‘Mahicannittuk’ by the native Mahican people, long before Dutch explorer Henry Hudson sailed the river.

‘Mahicannittuk’ connotes “great waters in constant motion” or “river that flows two ways”. The river is a tidal estuary that ebbs and flows and reverses course with the tides—even as it drains roughly 20,000 cubic feet of water every second from the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains.

Financial markets, too, move in highly complex patterns—up and down, yet always forward, too. The Hudson River serves as a powerful metaphor, and a daily reminder, of the opportunities and challenges in our work to serve clients.

Our History

Michael Pendergast Becomes Chairman
HGK Asset Management, Inc. Logo

Jeffrey Harris retires and Michael Pendergast becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors

Trinity Street Asset Management, LLP
Trinity Street Asset Management Logo

For its part in helping to support the start-up, HGK receives a 9.9% equity stake in the company that will come to be known as Trinity Street Asset Management, LLP.

Employee Owned
HGK Asset Management Inc Old Blue Logo

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is formed to provide all employees with an equity stake in the company

HGK Asset Management, Inc
HGK Asset Management Inc Old Red Logo

Firm name is changed to HGK Asset Management, Inc

Since 1983

Founded as Harris Greenhouse Kutzel, Inc when the three founding partners roll out of LF Rothschild